G. J. Lingus

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Cowboy Blues Guitarist

G. J. Lingus, the Cowboy Blues Guitarist, has spent years enjoying playing what he calls Cowboy BluesTexas Blues bent into Nashville-flavored licks img_1104while remembering Memphis Rock and Roll.

G. J. Lingus grew up on a ranch in the West where he used to listen to Country Music, Rock and Roll, and the music his dad played from an accordion, harmonica, guitar, and fiddle always dreaming of one day playing lead guitar. In his late teens and early 20s, when he was a working cowboy on different ranches, he used to pick individual notes on his dad’s old acoustic guitar. He also purchased his first electric guitar in a pawnshop in Rapid City, South Dakota to get the feel of the Rock and Roll music he loved.



Timg_1136he Rhythm and Fast Talking

In his early 20s, G. J. also went to auction school in Montana to learn the art of selling only using rhythm and a singsong auction chant to communicate with buyers. This also taught him how to use the guitar as an expression to communicate using rhythm like he did as an auctioneer.

He’s got the “Cowboy Blues”

When G. J. purchased his first Telecaster, the Blues came from the guitar when he played. He could express what he was feeling through the notes.  G. J. has said… What I like about Blues, and the Rock and Roll it helped develop… it’s real… whether I’m comfortable with the reality or not.  You can take away the words and just listen to the music to experience the heart and soul of the matter.

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He is able to express and share the music he loves and has within him—Cowboy Blues… Texas Blues bent into Nashville-flavored licks while remembering Memphis Rock and Roll.

Over the years of playing—the study, experimenting, practice, and incorporating various guitar ideas along with his love for Country and Blues music styles—the Cowboy Blues Guitarist has developed a guitar style expressing Country, Blues, Rock, finger style, and slide licks and influences.

“Your guitar work is impressive… You have a good feel for blues type guitar.” – Dino C., New Mexico – Renowned Western Artist and Guitarist.

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