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Blues in Freedom – Released Fall of 2005


The “Blues In Freedom” was produced in honor, appreciation, and tribute to a life of freedom.

I was born and raised in Memphis. The beat and guitar [of the “Blues In Freedom” Album – 2005, G. J. Lingus] is very close to my roots. It ministers to my central nervous system.” Wes. W., Colorado

Honor to God – My Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit – for offering the availability of future eternal freedom in the New Jerusalem and New Earth (Eternal Life) through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For giving me freedom of choice to accept Christ for the forgiveness of my sins and the hope of final freedom. For the blessing of music.MVC-003S

Appreciation for my beautiful wife, Bonnie, for her love and support of my choice to pursue my giftings and encouraging me to buy better guitars. For those that have and are experiencing life with me – thanks for an enriched life. And to those that protect and support freedom throughout the world.

Tribute to my late father, George Norman Lingus, who played the accordion, harmonica, guitar, and fiddle, for giving me years of pleasure listening to him play. He never forced his love of music on me allowing me to be able to own my love for music. For teaching me to seek truth. To my late mother, Elsie Marie Lingus, for teaching me to live with faith and courage.

“Thanks so much for the Blues In Freedom CD …You simply have to listen to enjoy it…” – Bill P., East Rand, South Africa